Superhero Dudes in Wine Country

Stephen Amell (TV’s Arrow) and Andrew Harding released the first episode of their new series Dudes Being Dudes in Wine Country this week. The pair, who are also co-founders of Nocking Point Wines, “humbly admit to being total rookies in the wine business” but have a flair for exploring lesser-known wine regions in an entertaining way.

10448790_1546183292326943_7079108175616006115_nIn a trailer for the series, they say, “You know what the best part of making your own TV show is? You can completely justify buying a drone,” before having that drone fly above them to show the grape fields around them. Later in the trailer, they also take part in some zip lining, in between previews of them chatting with other wine makers and touring their facilities.

The full-length episodes (the premiere, Paso Robles, is about 37 minutes) are available for $1.99 each, exclusively through Google Play and YouTube. The series is also off to a successful start, with the first episode reaching as high as #3 on Google Play’s top TV episodes chart.



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