Explore The Met Though Artists’ Eyes

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City just launched The Artist Project, in which they invited 100 artists to talk about part of the museum’s collection in a short video. The first season of 20 episodes is available now, and 80 more episodes will follow during the next year. Some will focus on an individual piece, while others cover an entire exhibit or area.

Each video is a slideshow of still images — showing both the artist standing in the exhibits and close-up details of the works they are discussing. The artists’ comments are done via voice-overs. This approach works well, because it showcases the art in a clean and distraction-free way. In addition to the video, each page has a brief bio of the artist giving the commentary, an example of their works, and a gallery of still images of that museum exhibit.

The Met is one of those places I could spend days or weeks in and never feel like I’m done; so this feels like a great way to both explore their extensive collection from anywhere else in the world, plus learn a bit about contemporary artists.

The episodes available in season 1 are:

  • Cory Arcangel on the harpsichord
  • John Baldessari on Philip Guston’s Stationary Figure
  • Nayland Blake on boli
  • Nick Cave on Kuba cloths
  • Enrique Chagoya on Goya’s Los Caprichos
  • George Condo on Claude Monet’s The Path through the Irises
  • Walton Ford on Jan van Eyck’s workshop’s The Last Judgment
  • Natalie Frank on Käthe Kollwitz
  • Zarina Hashmi on Arabic calligraphy
  • Deborah Kass on Athenian vases
  • Nina Katchadourian on Early Netherlandish portraiture
  • Nicola López on works on paper
  • Alexander Melamid on Ernest Meissonier’s 1807, Friedland
  • Izhar Patkin on Shiva as Lord of Dance
  • Tom Sachs on the Shaker Retiring Room
  • Katrín Sigurdardóttir on the Hôtel de Cabris, Grasse
  • Mickalene Thomas on Seydou Keïta
  • Kehinde Wiley on John Singer Sargent
  • Xu Bing on Jean-François Millet’s Haystacks: Autumn
  • Lisa Yuskavage on Édouard Vuillard’s The Green Interior

Which are your favorite videos from season 1, and what artists or collections are you hoping for in the future? Comment below!


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