Drag Race Untucks Season 7

We’re four weeks and counting into season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The Logo TV series which has already been renewed for an 8th season, and there’s already been plenty of shade thrown both on screen and online.

rupaul_drawing_3This year Untucked, the show’s backstage component, transitioned back to a web exclusive series which airs on World of Wonder’s YouTube channel. The show actually began as a web series during season 1, when it was known as Under the Hood, but moved to television for seasons 2 through 6. This year Untucked also switched to a more stark documentary-like style, with less focus on elaborate sets and gimmicky games for the queens to play.

These changes were a brilliant move. It allows us to see more of the queens’ real emotions (especially during the long walks between sets, although these could perhaps be shortened just a bit to make room for more juicy discussions) and more of the technical aspects that go into making the main show. Parts of it also feel more genuine and unscripted, like Max consoling Sasha Belle in episode 2 while the rest of the queens stood in other groups talking, or Trixie Mattel reading the letters other queens left for her after her controversial surprise elimination in week 4. It feels like actually eavesdropping on the contestants.

Embed from Getty Images

In addition to Untucked, the web is chock filled with other spin-offs, commentary, and reviews about Drag Race: Pandora Boxx’s Drag Center, Michelle Visage’s Whatcha Packin’ (an interview with each week’s eliminated queen), and bonus clips can be streamed at Logo TV. World of Wonder’s YouTube channel also hosts Jon & John’s Extra Lap Recap, Fashion Photo RuView, Oh Pit Crew, the CoverGurlz2 music videos (posted before the season started), and numerous other shows that feature the drag queens from past seasons. This year, Oh Pit Crew is hosted by Detox, which is an extremely welcome addition, and I’m glad to see more of her. However, the shows by Pandora Boxx, Michelle Visage, and Fashion Photo RuView (hosted mostly by Raja and Raven, with other guest hosts filling in) are still my personal favorites.

Also, the queens from this season are already jumping on the web video bandwagon even quicker than previous years. Tempest DuJour already posted the hilarious Tempest DuJour’s Very Bad Day, while Sasha Belle has continued to post to her active YouTube channel, and Katya created TWO weekly web series documenting her journey this season — one in full Russian character (RuFLECTIONS) and a second where she drops the accent but keeps the humor (RuGRETS). Trixie Mattel‘s I’m Going to be Just Fine proves that, as unfair and illogical as her elimination was… winning isn’t everything and Ru’s opinion on the main stage doesn’t always determine a queen’s future success. ( #JusticeforTrixie !!!)

What are your favorite Drag Race related web series this year? Answer in the comments below!


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